Android Remote Debugging with ADB

January 5th, 2013 No comments

I fell over a little Android developer tidbit that I thought was cool. Until now I was always debugging my Android apps with ADB over USB, but it turns out that ADB has built in remote debugging via TCP.

This question on StackOverflow has more details:


  • You can either root your phone and download something like adbWireless
  • Or you can connect the device via USB and enable TCP.

Since I use my personal phone for development and I have some apps that are not happy with rooting, I wanted to go with the USB enabler solution, but I didn’t want to put in the IP all the time. This little batch file does that little extra step for you.

The adbWifi.bat file has to be next to adb.exe in \android-sdk\platform-tools or platform-tools need to be in path or you can use the AndroidSDK environment variable.

To enable TCP:

  • Connect your device to USB
  • Execute adbWifi.bat
  • Disconnect your device from USB
  • Profit!

Pin Steam Release 8

December 27th, 2012 2 comments

Wide.scale-180This update is for all the users with privacy concerns and gamers of F2P games such as Planetside 2.

Add Steam Game

You can now search for and add any Steam game from the Steam Store! This is useful for F2P games and other games that don’t show up on your purchased games list.


Skip Login

You can now opt out of connecting to your Steam profile. This way you can pin tiles to your start screen without compromising your privacy settings. There is no support for live tiles and you’ll have to add all games with the new Add Steam Game function or as Custom Tiles.


 Bug Fixes

Finally, I fixed a few bugs, biggest of which was one that prevented you from creating custom tiles. If you had crashes when creating custom tiles before, try again now!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Pin Steam Release 6

December 19th, 2012 2 comments


Valve finally contacted me. They brought good and bad news; good news is they liked the app and I get to use the name; bad news is I had to remove the Steam logo from my logo. Fair enough, so I came up with this new logo! Being a programmer at heart I was fairly pleased with the result of my lacking artist skills. :)

The new update also brings some improvements to tile image quality. You can now choose exactly which resolution you want the tiles to be. They should have the same resolution as the tiles on your start screen have for best quality. Check out the new guide here:


A new option for cropping the default Steam header logo was also added, you can use it if you want to avoid the very slight stretching that occurs when using the full header image and get a slightly better quality image as a result.


Finally the new version of Pin Steam fixes a few bugs involved with using your own images or images from the web. In some cases the app would crash because the image was invalid.

As always I’m keeping track of what is going on, on the facebook page, so go there and ask me any questions you have or share your amazing start screen!

Download the app from the Windows Store:


Launching GOG games with Pin Steam and Launcher

December 16th, 2012 3 comments

Hey guys, I had a lot of requests for GoG support in Pin Steam, but I wont be able to do that any time soon because they don’t have an API I can get your list of games from :(

As a bandaid, I updated the helper tool “Launcher” to handle shortcut files! To launch any shortcut (including those from GOG games) follow these steps:

Step 1:

Download the launcher program: Launcher

Step 2:

Unzip somewhere on your machine.


Step 3:

Double click the launcher.exe, this will register it as the handler of slaunch: urls.



After pressing yes and accept nothing happens! It registered correctly! :) If you move Launcher exe afterwards, then double click it again to register its new location.

Step 4:

Put the links to your games into the Links subfolder in the Launcher directory. (Or into the launcher folder directly)


Step 5:

Test that it works. Open the run dialog (press WindowsKey + R);  Write the URL for your game as such: “slaunch:?gamename”  I put my “Master of Orion 2″ link into the folder so my url is “slaunch:?Master of Orion 2


Step 6:

Create a custom tile with this URL using the guide from: (Pin Steam might require you to replace spaces with %20, which would make my url: “slaunch:?Master%20of%20Orion%202″, this will be fixed in the next update)


 Step 7:

Test it out and enjoy! :)


Simple Launcher.exe

November 29th, 2012 No comments

Seems like this little tool is something that could be useful for Windows 8 installations.

Launcher.exe is a URL protocol handler that executes predefined commands given a slaunch:// url.

You simply download the zip, unpack it somewhere on your pc, run Launcher.exe (which will register Launcher.exe as the handler of slaunch:// urls) and finally modify links.txt to add your very own commands.

Could be useful in conjunction with Custom Tiles for example. Enjoy 😉


Pin Steam Update 2 is on the store!

November 28th, 2012 1 comment
The new version of Pin Steam is out on the store now! Go get your non-steam games pinned to your start menu or create a custom tile for your normal games!

Check out the guide and preview I wrote yesterday for more details:

Pin Steam Release 2 Sneak Preview

November 27th, 2012 No comments

I just updated the facebook page with a screenshot from the upcoming version of Pin Steam that allows you to pin your custom games!

In case you’re not entirely sure how to do that from the screenshot I prepared a little guide for you here: Creating a Custom Tile

Pin Steam Released

November 20th, 2012 16 comments

My very first Windows 8 Store app is now for sale! Pin Steam lets you pin your Steam games to the Start Menu of Windows 8 with awesome tiles! See it here

Facebook Page



Putting Android 4.2 on my Galaxy Nexus

November 17th, 2012 No comments

I’ve got a Galaxy Nexus phone bought here in Denmark, which I updated to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 using Google’s factory images before it was sent OTA to my phone. I used the fantastic Galaxy Nexus Toolkit to install the 4.1.1 version, unlock and root my phone.

In order to update your phone with the toolkit all you need to know is the model of your Galaxy Nexus. I found a neat trick is to go to the settings of the Maps app, there you will see if your phone is (Maguro, toro or toroplus). On top of the phone model there is also the build which can be either: takju, yakju, mysid, mysidspr. The build can be found in Settings->About Phone.

With that information the toolkit can handle everything else for you including downloading the factory image of your choice.

I’ve been happy with my 4.1.1 but now I get a popup that promps me to update over the air and I must have made a mistake during the initial installation because that update does not work for me. I simply get a “invalid signature” error when I try installing it. So as luck would have it Android 4.2 is now out so I’m installing that. This time I’ll try installing the image manually because I am unable to get my hands on the newest version of the Toolkit.

That turned out to be very simple because I have a maguro and there is a 4.2 takju build on the Nexus Factory Image page. Not only does the file you download from there contain a factory image and everything else you’d need, it has a bat file for installing all of it automatically. Neat!

I’m doing a full backup of my phone now, including using the nice “SMS Backup+” app to backup my messages. After that I’ll be running that batfile and crossing my fingers.

Had some trouble with getting fastboot to recognize my device, but it turned out that Windows 8 had not installed my drivers correctly, after updating the drivers from the Android SDK and installing them for my device everything worked just fine.

One thing to note about this type of update. It is deleting EVERYTHING on my device.

Success! Now running Android 4.2! I just have to let google download all my apps again and setup accounts and I’m back in business.

Opdatering af siden

October 2nd, 2010 No comments

Der kan gå ret lang tid før man pludselig har overskud til at skrive noget på sin hjemmeside. Men nu var der lige lidt ro til at tage sig sammen til at gøre lidt ved det.

Mit studie er ovre og endte med et meget tilfredsstillende resultat. Jeg er siden begyndt på arbejde hos Progressive Media hvor jeg arbejder med at gøre det federe at kode spil I vores framework og gøre så de spil vi laver kan deployes til flere forskellige mobil enheder. Det involverer en masse C++ og er både frustrerende og mega cool på sammetid. Vi forventer at skulle til at bruge mit speciale projekt Oopeg til at gøre vores RocketFuel produkt endnu vildere!

Jeg har lige været til Penny Arcade Expo I Seattle med Plane Weaver spillet, som vi lavede til DADIU Marts 2010, hvilket har været en af motivatorene for at jeg nu har fået lagt mine spil op på en side her på bloggen (Se Games knappen på navigations baren). Det var MEGA fedt I Seattle og jeg fik besøgt min gode ven Morten, som arbejder ved Microsoft I Seattle og som skulle giftes I den uge jeg var der (Grats igen!). Folk var vilde med spillet og kunne knapt fatte at danskere er så seje at vi laver spil som Plane Weaver på en måned ;D

Til sidst vil jeg da lige nævne at jeg stadig altid er til at komme I kontakt med på mail eller på min Twitter konto. Også selvom hjemmesiden her ser hel død ud! Smile