Plane Weaver

I was lead programmer on this game developed by our team of 10 during a month in the DADIU 2010 March Production. Later same year the game was chosen to participate in The PAX 10 at Penny Arcade Expo Prime 2010!







MonkeyDonk was developed during Nordic GameJam 2010 by Anders Tankred Holm, Mads Bøgeskov, Troels Jørgensen, Simon Nielsen and Myself.

The game itself did not win anything at NGJ2010, but was noticed as it did pull home two awards from Gotland Game Awards for the best game in categories “Nordic GameJam game” and “Open And Invitation”. Our graphically talented Simon Nielsen even won an award for Best New Nordic Talent.





SOL was my first DADIU production. It’s a short atmospheric puzzle game set in a forest where you help the light trolls spread the morning light.







Lasers is a fun little arcade action game I created with some help from my friend Dan Jensen at a GameJam arranged by our game development group Filofil at Aalborg University. It took about 48 hours to build using Unity, and is playable in the browser.





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