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My name is Jacob Korsgaard, I’m 26, I configured this WordPress script and I am using it to share some of my thoughts and stuff with whomever is interested. I’m finishing up my masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Aalborg.

My idea was to use this page to maybe get a job someday, so even though it might be mindnumbingly boring I did include a resume on this page! So without further stalling for time here is a timeline:

  • 1999: I finished public school.
  • 1999-2002: HTX
  • 2002-2004: Datamatiker (Short Computer Science Education)
  • 2004-2005: From the end of my Datamatiker November 2004 to summer 2005 I was out of work, pondering my next step.
  • 2005-2010: Computer Science Study at Aalborg University specializing in Game and Engine Programming.
  • 2010-: Platform Programmer at Progressive Media


I started programming a year into HTX. Before that I had only programmed a few things that were kind of useless. Some menu programs for cd-roms in VB and such. In HTX i started working with php, and with the great documentation provided by their website I quickly developed a couple of scripts for myself, including various CMS systems and database systems using MySQL. When HTX was over, I knew I wanted to program for a living. So, while I knew programming was the way to go, I really disliked Mathmatics at the end of HTX. It really scared me because I didn’t understand it at all, or so I thought.

So I began studying to Datamatiker, which is a basically Math-free programming education. At the end of the education I didn’t really feel that much smarter :(. It would however prove itself to be false. When I started here at Aalborg University it occured to me I know a lot more math and a lot more programming than I’d been giving myself credit for. Well not as much the math as the programming and the work involved in developing programs. The math was just… Simple and easy… Everything I was not able to learn in HTX (in lack of interest) suddenly became very basic. Now I can worry about the more advanced math, which up till now, is pretty hardcore in my opinion :)

I sometimes wonder why I like programming, from a spectators point of view it must look like the most boring thing in the world. Well it just isn’t, I often find myself screaming like a howler bat, either in frustration over something not working or out of pure bliss of having something finally work after working on it for hours and hours

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